Top 10 Fall In Love With Perfume

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                   Top 10 perfumes 

that are weak but fantastic so let’s start off 

👉 the first one this is a man woman list we start with wood wood surprising for many but the fragrance does not perform good on the number 10 spot it’s fantastic but it doesn’t perform good another one light blue by deutsche gabanna you know i love this one i absolutely love it but it doesn’t perform good on the number eight i call it the dildo of the fragrance industry this is rosha’s man and this one is a coffee based fragrance it’s super sexy but it doesn’t last long man this is sexy wow we keep going with an outsider on the number seven spot this is

👉 the number 2 by comedy garcon this is by a german performer mark buxton and he’s known for making semi-fecal crazy interesting creations this has something addictive to it very nice

👉 number six spot this is the jean-paul gaultier lesbo and this is a nice coconut note man the ladies love this one but it doesn’t perform good if this would last twice as long this would be a top 10 superstar fragrance 

👉number five spot we got a rather unknown fragrance this is called 1270 by frappan if you want to smell like a gentleman like a 60 year old multi-billionaire living in the star island area in miami he would smell like this but it still has to last longer i write all the fragrances in the blog we keep going with

👉 the number four spot and this is the aqua djo by giorgio armani everybody knows it is the most sold perfume on the market for men it’s the most sold fragrance for men sick but it doesn’t perform good you’re stacking up we keep going very nice but it could last longer otherwise this is the currently best soapy fragrance for woman nice one if this would last twice as long this would compete with this would just be even better we keep going with 

👉the number two another female perfume which is mongerlan if you love it buy it it’s fantastic it’s for women even though it doesn’t perform good it’s still fantastic and the number one best perfume that doesn’t last long is ode colonia original by farina 1709 and this guy i know him i bought this bottle myself and i would wish to own this company but at the same time it would be not cool because it’s his bloodline he literally is.

👉 the sun from the sun from the sun and this is the first fragrance company ever did you just hear that the first fragrance company ever in books and napoleon was wearing this stuff he was wearing two bottles per day poured it on himself he kept it in his shoes man oh boss is good man it’s a bergamot fragrance i feel a little bit like the guy perfume story of a murderer where i’m like the guy that helps this gentleman that is not successful with his fragrance business anymore because there are so many new guys but he revives them and i feel like with this blog helping this guy a lot super kind humble guy from cologne and yeah but still it’s so cool it’s so cool man nice one number one best fragrance.

👉 that doesn’t last long why does it not last long because it’s a bergamot fragrance and this back in 1709 they didn’t have synthetic ingredients and as far as i know they unchained did not change the formula it’s fantastic but to me it’s not more than a nostalgic history fragrance or the best possible room freshener on the market yeah.

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