Top 10 Best Fish for Small Tanks: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

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If you are looking best fish for small tanks then you are in the right place. Choosing the right fish tank is very crucial but if you follow the below rules then easily you can find the best fish for small tanks.

Fish small tanks are easy to maintain you need to only check the water level feeding of fish and a good place for a tank.

Features of a Small Tank

  1. Firstly see the tank size it’s not a much larger size you can choose a 6 to 22-gallon but you need to carefully plan.
  2. Maintain the water temperature because different fish require a different temperature and pH of water.
  3. Some species are not compatible with all fish so check the compatibility of fish.
  4. Select a good fish size especially adult fish so you can put it long time.
  5. The maintenance of fish is crucial so you need to maintain the fish care.

Best Fish for Small Tank

  1. Betta fish
  2. Neon tetra fish
  3. Guppy fish
  4. Zebra danio fish
  5. Dwarf gourami fish
  6. Cherry shrimp fish
  7. Harlequin rasbora fish
  8. Corydoras catfish
  9. Endlers livebearer fish
  10. White cloud mountain minnow fish

So these are the best top 10 fish you can put in your small tank of fish.

Betta Fish

Betta fish require a minimum of 5 gallons of water and a temperature requires 76-82°F. betta fish mostly prefer the still water.

Decorate the plant as if it is in a hiding place because betta fish require the hiding place.

betta fish

Note – Always select male betta fish for small tank

If you set the betta fish is very vibrant and attractive colors and their flowing fins.

Neon Tetra Fish

These fish are very small and very easy to care for. They require 10 gallons of water and the temperature is around 70-81°F.

Neon tetra fish require soft and slightly acidic water.

neon tetra fish

Neon tetra fish also require a hiding spot. Sop decorates the fish tank accordingly.

Neon tetra fish

Guppy Fish

Guppy fish are adaptable in any condition especially these fish are seen for bright and elegant colours.

guppy fish

Guppy fish require almost 10 gallons of water and the temperature is 72-82°F. ph of water is 6.8 – 7.8 is a requirement of guppy fish.

Zebro Danio Fish

Zebro danio fish is not seen anywhere these are small and very attractive stripes.

Zebra danio fish

Zebra danio require 10 gallons of water and the temperature requirement is 65-77F. special requirement of this fish is to be placed in tank in the group.

Dwarf Gourami Fish

Dwar gourami are very colorful fish that have very labyrinth organs that allow them to breathe atmospheric air.

This fish requires 10 gallons of water and the temperature is around 77-78F.

Dwarf gourami fish

Put male fish in a tank so looks great and multiple fish not be put in the same tank because their aggression is high.

Cherry Shrimp Fish

Cherry shrimp fish are very excellent cleaner, their colors are also very attractive.

The water requirement is almost 5 gallons and the temperature is 57 -84F.

Cherry shrimp fish

Note – this fish if you want to put this in a tank then ensure the always water is clean and water is free from copper.

Harlequin Rasbora Fish

Harlequin Rasbora is a small fish and is best for small fish tanks. It’s best for the striking orange-black coloration.

This fish requires 10 gallons of water and the temperature is around 72-81F

Harlequin rasbora fish

Decorate the tank as in most of the hiding places.

Corydoras Catfish

This fish is famous for their scavenging habit and is a small and very peaceful nature fish.

Corydoras catfish require 10 gallons of water and the temperature is 72-78F

Corydoras catfish

For tanker requires a soft substrate and hiding spot

Endlers Livebearer Fish

This fish is similar to guppy fish this is a very active fish

Endlers livebearer fish

The temperature requirement is 72 -82F and water has a 10-gallon pH range is 7.0 -8.0

White Cloud Mountain Minnow Fish

White cloud mountain minnow is a fish is a peaceful temperament and is easy to care fish.

White cloud mountain minnow fish

Water is required 10 10-gallon temperature is 62-72F they prefer mostly acidic and neutral water.

Best Equipment for Small Fish Tank






Water quality


Always select a good quality filter it’s crucial for maintaining the water quality.

And select s like that suit a tank of fish.


A good and reliable heater is required to maintain the temperature because many fish require stable and good-quality water.


Mostly LED lights are preferred for fish tanks because their effective proper lighting of fish is very important. After all, the health is dependof fish is on lighting.


Always select a like substrate to clean easily and grow. Grave; or sand is commonly used.


This is very important to small fish tanks because decoration is required for home and fish for living also.

Provide a hiding spot for the live fish.

Water quality

Water quality is very essential for fish to live fish longtime. Always clean water and add beneficial bacteria that break down the waste.

Wrap up

Best small fish tank for home and which is the best fish for a small tank all related information is seen. How to decorate a small fish tank that information is also what we have seen today but if you want more related information then comment down below.

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Most and reliable filter to maintain the temperature of water this is the best filter of water.

cherry shrimp fish is the best fish for shrimp in small tank.

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