AJMAL Silver Shade perfume – Review

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 what’s up guys this is HealthTech welcome back to my blog you’re readingas fit frag and today i’m going to talk about another perfume from the brand ajmal and that is ajmal shade so let’s quickly start with the packaging with the presentation so this is how the front looks so it says silver shade ajmal 100 ml eau de parfum so this is the back there are few letters written in arabic.

✔️ as well this is how the back looks you see the original symbol here and the base which gives the manufacturing date so that is october 2019 so that’s about the presentation now the bottle actually looks very close i love this double shade of silver that they have given it is darker on the top and it is slightly faded here beautiful bottle.

✔️ i really love seeing the bottle as well so it’s right silver shade here the ajmal symbol here and as well written here the back is pretty plain you don’t see much in the base as well it just says made in uae and the manufacturing date so this is the cap and the sprayer is also not bad now talking about the scent this is known to be another clone of silver mountain water by creed and there are so many clones .t

✔️you would see in the market rashasi also has one of the popular silver mountain clone which is always some day they also have antaba which is also a clone of silva mountain water with a slight twist to it i do have enthabab but entabah has a very strong syrupy kind of black currant note which i don’t really enjoy much alvi sam day also has that syrupy kind of blacker note.

✔️ which i personally don’t enjoy much i am sure there are huge fans of alvi sam day but to me from my personal take this is the only only silver mountain water clone that i like till date i’ve tried several you also see it from al rehab i think there is something named silver there are many which names as silver something silva they silva that so most of them are silver mountain clones and i don’t like any of them because of that syrupy black currant note .

✔️of them have i don’t sense that in this one because along with a very soft citrus this also has that black currant note but the black iron note is so watery it is so soft and smooth and that’s the only reason that i like this one it also has ambergris to give it that summary c note kind of vibe so the overall blend is what makes it appealing to my nose but when it comes to performance always some day and anthobar are slightly better than this one this will project like an airy watery kind of feel i do sense the moment that you feel when you spend your time.

✔️ in the waterfalls where the stream you see there is a stream flowing with some trees around you there is some berries around you so that kind of nature smell is what i get in this one it is a beautiful blend very soft very airy kind of projection it projects about one and a half to two hours in a very soft airy way and then in the dry down you would get a little bit of sandalwood and must so overall after three to four hours you would not really sense that opening note after four hours it’s more of the sandalwood and musk overall i get about six hours of lasting which is not bad unless you want better performing silver mountain water clones.

✔️ you can definitely try always someday it is very popular it’s just that i don’t personally like it i prefer only this one when it comes to silver mountain water clones so performance is not bad like i said one and a half to two hours of projection six hours of lasting on my skin so you can actually go eight to twelve sprays as well if you’re going outdoors because it’s not going to annoy anybody because it is soft and airy very good choice for the summers if you want that light watery black currant and citrus kind of vibe so that’s about silver shade by ajmal so there was somebody in my readers who kept asking me to review this one he kept commenting on every blog that i published as well silver shared. 


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