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 hi ladies HealthTech here first impression chanel chance oh tandra in this format i tell you my actually not first impression but like you would be in a perfume store and i’m smelling it for you so obviously i know this one but let me tell you my impression now it is f-u-c-k-i-n-g amazing it is so i want to lick it from a woman from her cheek.

 when she sprays her cheek with this it is so good oh man i haven’t smelled it for a long time gorgeous this is the chance of tender how does this smell now i know everything about fragrances that a normal person should know i train myself with perfume notes every day like about 50 notes here you see some stuff here what do we have club orange flower and i know perfumes i create perfumes myself but i gotta tell you i can’t tell you.

 what notes stand out in this one it definitely mostly smells floral more on the fresh and clean soapy side with a slight twist of a quirky elegant fruitiness so it clearly like if i would be just a normal consumer in the store i would first say oh man this smells gorgeous and by the way this is the eau de toilette version the cheaper version buy this one and don’t buy the expensive version if you want to buy it click the link in the video description i i link it to an amazon store and i get an affiliate if you want but you don’t have to and well you really don’t have to but check.

 this out this smells soapy floral gorgeous fresh soapy floral gorgeous fresh with a slight hint of quirky fruitiness soapy flower gorgeous fresh with a slight hint of quirky fruitiness i made it and you know what’s even cooler my own brand can compete now also with chanel man times have changed guys ladies if you want to buy my perfumes too yeah in a second you will see the end video and my perfumes for women are also gorgeous if you want to buy them i make it very easy for you you can you can wear them in the night you wear this super sweet one and in the day.

 you wear this also sweet one but with it already very nice fruity note which is not synthetic strawberry raspberry orange whatever type of synthetic stuff like mostly it is because you can’t extract fragrance oil from a fruit that almost only contains water like a pineapple or a strawberry but we have the fruit note because of the nice osmentos note and osmantos is an asian flower that has a strong apricot vibe i’m not going to smell it now because a male friend of mine wore it yesterday and was so weird was the weirdest thing ever because he loves to wear it himself and oh man it’s also my mother.

 wore it and it’s also i said mom you can’t wear a fragrance where i tell my woman i want to have sex with them when they wear this you can’t wear such stuff i i hate my i i i’m i must have evaporate i must i must puke when i think about this because and that’s why i told my mother no you can’t wear this so i have to spray this on a woman that i actually want so more info to that i gotta go to miami as soon as possible ladies that was the chanel chance oh tender toilet i love it but the performance sucks clearly the performance is an absolute terrible thing where should you wear this i would suggest you to wear it in the office or on the first date but it will disappear after four hours or if you go to the parents of your boyfriend to the house just something inoffensive easy to like that’s where i wear this would wear this one thank you ladies.

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