How I take fragrance with me

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 hi guys HealthTech here how i take fragrance with me so generally when i travel this is how i travel i travel in my white suit and i have a couple of white shirts with me and i got my backpack filled with the bible my white jogging pants my laptop and this baby right here and i show you what i have in my little how you call it carry-on thing so basically this is what i take with me we come to the fragrances.


in a second that’s how it looks okay i got it i got a toothpaste always taking a toothpaste with me always taking a toothbrush with me always taking hair spray with me obviously below 100 ml so it fits these guys are having a fun time doing noise in the background here okay we keep going then we come to the interesting stuff i of course have to shave every day so i got a shaver with me.

 i got besides the hair spray also hair wax which gives the structure first and now we come to the fragrance section and this is what i take with me  first i take my deodorant because this deodorant is so strong it’s an eau de colonial concentration this is an eau de cologne concentration that technically this alone already is a nice fragrant smell around me this already alone is a nice fragrant smell around me and i can even do this in the carry-on bag because it’s below 100 milliliters.

 this is stronger than some fragrances on the market and this is a deodorant it’s a superstar deodorant and then but it’s a fresh one the office one and then what do i add to that the date fragrance of course man sweet fresh you know the contrast so it’s perfect and that’s it man and this how long will this deodorant last me for two months.

 how long will the 10ml last me well let’s say for two weeks but you can also just take two 10ml bottles with you and you’re fine so this is how i take fragrance with me honestly not just placing my own product because this is the essential these are the essentials because everywhere i travel i either either have some fragrance job where they give me a fragrance i travel to one of my offices where there are many fragrances but these i always have with me so put them here suck chuck and i’m ready for takeoff so this is how i take fragrance with me thank you for Reading guys i love you bye cool thank you.

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