○ Top 10 Home remedies for hair growth

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Hello friends, today in this article we are going to see complete information about home remedies for hair growth, if everyone is doing some or the other home remedies for hair growth, then we are going to look at some home remedies for hair growth that will help you to grow your hair as soon as you have hair loss. or almost on the verge of baldness, they overestimate the importance of hair
These days and jokes Hindi and Marathi movies have popularized comic characters without hair, it is clear that people take the subject of hair and make jokes.

Home remedies for hair growth

1. Green tea home remedy for hair growth

You can use green tea for hair growth because green tea is beneficial to drink but similarly, green tea is very important for your hair growth.

Similarly, Green tea can be helpful in green tea, so I will tell you how to use it. 12 green tea bags and you want to take water. Put the green tea bags in boiling water. Take out the tea bags and allow them to cool. After the water cools, rinse your hair with green tea water. Apart from this, you can also apply amla powder to your hair to make your hair thick and healthy.

2. Mustard oil for hair growth

As you all know mustard oil is also essential and beneficial for hair growth, you may know that mustard oil is used for babies because it makes your hair grow more.

And they are beneficial to the hair when you apply them and they are six and also fungal these properties are very beneficial to get rid of dandruff on the scalp. And you can wash your hair in the morning.

3. Curd for hair growth

Yogurt is also very beneficial as you know. Yogurt is considered to be a source of probiotics. Yogurt is very useful for hair growth. It increases the number under the skin and below it, so when their hair starts growing, yogurt is beneficial for hair. It makes the hair long and thick. What you have to do is to take a bowl of curd, grind some curry leaves and make a paste in it.

4. Henna for hair growth

If you have a lot of mehndi on your head then mehndi will last and sir benefits why mehndi makes your hair thicker and also increase growth if you want to naturally color or condition your hair then most people use mehndi as well as mehndi It is also very useful for hair growth. The use of henna is effective against hair loss.

In such a situation henna can be useful for hair growth and for that what you need to do is to know and mix it with henna powder and make a paste after mixing it and apply it to your hair and then wash your hair so you will get good benefits. will happen

5. Using garlic can make hair grow longer

You can make your hair long by using garlic too so now I will tell you how. One immediate benefit of marriage is that garlic can act as a hair gel or medicine for alopecia. Crushing it into small pieces and making a mixture of it and applying it to your hair and then washing your hair will also have a good effect on your hair.

6. Aloe vera gel for hair growth

Aloe vera gel is also very beneficial for hair growth…

7. Use curry leaves to make hair strong and long

If you add curry leaves to your vegetable daily, curry leaves are also very beneficial for your hair growth. is and let the oil cool down Apply the oil to the roots of your hair so your hair starts growing.

8. Use eggs to grow hair

If you are non-veg you can also use handi and applying it on your hair will also make your hair grow, for that, you need to take a raw egg and apply it on your hair after burning it and then leave it on your hair after a while it also stimulates your hair growth and your hair starts growing. On the basis that the peptides present in it are useful for hair growth, it can be said that egg is beneficial for hair growth and hair loss prevention.

9. Use an onion to grow hair

Onion is also very beneficial for your hair growth. Onion has different importance. You need to take one or two onions. Keep it for minutes and then you can wash out.

10. Use coconut oil for hair growth

Coconut oil is very beneficial so daily use is very beneficial and you can also apply coconut oil for your hair growth. It can reduce the problem of protein loss from the hair. It works deep into the hair shaft to make the hair healthy. Its fatty acids are beneficial for the hair. Coconut oil also has hair-protecting properties.


So in today’s article, we have got complete information about home remedies for hair growth as well as remedies to stop hair loss remedies for hair growth which oil to use for hair growth how to grow long hair what is the difference between onion and hair ayurvedic oil for hair loss home remedies for thick hair If you have seen in this article and still need any information, you can reply in the comment box below.

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