Best {2023} Seer fish in Telugu | Seer Fish in English | Seer Fish in Tamil

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if you are looking for information regarding the Seer fish in Telugu so you are in a good place in the comparative family there are multiple types of fish are including in this family as such as tuna Boneta this type of fish there are about 21 types of fish research found in the family.

Seer Fish in Telugu | Seer Fish in English | Seer Fish in Tamil

The family is found in the areas in most tropical regions and this fish is mostly found in the coastal area because these fish swim the very fast almost 55 5.5 M per second fish let’s know about the information regarding the Seer fish in Telugu CrPC in Marathi CrPC in Tamil CrPC in Malayalam

These fish come to the black vertical lines on their bags and more sleep very folktales this piece is very found in the coastal areas, especially in Shadow areas and around 16 lakh ex in the seer fish increasing becoming food or seabirds dolphins and Salman mainly contains the very rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

seer fish in telugu

and this species is used in a very different types of countries worldwide it really feels like you can cook with very less oil because it contains the very most oil in the Seer fish that’s why you do not need to require more oil in cooking for the Seer fish so if you come to the point how to store a seer so you need to good refrigerator or Icebox for the storing the Seer fish

We call these fish’ kanagarthalu’, “Kanangadath,” and “kannam gadthi” in Telugu.

Tamil : Vanjaram, naimeen,Nettaiyan,Cheela.

Malayalam: Neymeen, Ayokora, Aykura.

Marathi: Surmai, Visonu, Tuvar Anjari. (seer fish in marathi)

Hindi: Surmai, Visonu, Tuvar Anjari.

100 grams of this fish contains the following Nutrients

Calories 858 kJ (205 kcal)

Proteins 18. 60 grams

Calcium 12. milligrams

Iron 1. 63 milligrams

Magnesium 63. milligrams

Phosphorus 213. milligrams

Potassium 313. milligrams

Sodium 90.

milligrams Zinc 0.63 milligrams

Water 63.55 grams

Apart from these, vitamins A and D are also available in this fish.

now let’s see the good health benefits of seer fish

Seer Fish in Telugu Health Benefits


sheer fish have very rich in protein because quantity it’s very helpful for year growth as well as your nail growth muscle development and proper functioning of our hormones these proteins are very visual for the proteins able to improve their doctors 1 gram of protein is required for every kg of a person it means if you are weight is 67 kg then you need 267 gram of protein


Seer is also very rich in calcium because calcium helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood and also control blood pressure that’s why you need to eat seer fish in your body if you have lower calcium so you perform a different type of kidney stones that’s why if you want to reach in the calcium so need it to eat much more cups

seer fish in telugu


what the blood sugar into the energy and energy is required for the body so that is very helpful to energy the magnesium in your body and from the lower energy so in that case you eat the Seer fish


if you are suffering from dandruff then it says its zinc deficiency which means is you needed to have more zinc in your body so in that case you need to eat seer fish because this fish is very rich in zinc

Disadvantages of Seer fish in Telugu

  1. You know the seer fish is found in the coastal areas means this place is the near industry so most of eat then more mercury is found so eat in limited so it will benefit.
  2. Mercury if enter i9n our body then it affects your nervous system


Tamil : Vanjaram, naimeen,Nettaiyan,Cheela.

Seer fish in Malyalam Malayalam: Neymeen, Ayokora, Aykura.

Seer fish in marathi Marathi: Surmai, Visonu, Tuvar Anjari. (seer fish in marathi)

Seer Fish in Hindi Hindi: Surmai, Visonu, Tuvar Anjari.


Seer fish in Telugu and seer fish English as well as seer fish Tamil all about the information we are seen in the article if you want any more about information in seer fish then comment down below

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