Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum vs Eau de Toilette

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 what’s up guys it’s HealthTech and today we’re gonna talk your Sahaj oh de Toilette versus do so – or the fafa the Eau de Toilette was probably the most successful in terms of revenue men’s fragrance in the past three years so this like let’s say the sequel to the movie Avatar let’s say Avatar 2 comes out has to have a lot of stuff.

Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum vs Eau de Toilette –

I can tell you you have seen my review if you haven’t seen my review please watch it first okay so everybody that wants to watch it first please take a look at it first this is a great fragrance guys so I’m gonna make it quick and simple we got five categories price-performance ladies reactions.

 I’m talking about ladies reactions when they really smell it like da da da which is better then compliments in general we’re which gave me more compliments and the last category versatility okay let’s start with the first price or the Puffin is more expensive that’s always the case the Eau de Parfum and fragrances is generally always more expensive so one vote goes to the Eau de Toilette Joseph osh second category performance or the parfum.

it is like an eau de parfum should be which sadly is not always the case dear fragrance companies not always is the Eau de Parfum stronger like you say it is or people think it is but this one actually is a little bit stronger I have made at least at least 5 tests at least 5 tests one fragrance here other fragrance here ok or the toilet was just gone and here I could still smell a little bit of the other puffer so one to one it’s equal again now ladies reactions I have three groups of girls in three countries.

 the first group of girls was in my gym here in Germany and I’ve asked four girls and they said three girls liked your siwash all the puffer more than the Eau de Toilette and by the way guys I sometimes started to let the girls smell the Eau de Toilette first and then the Eau de Parfum first so there was no like I always let the girls smell the Eau de Parfum first and that’s why it might be the case that are they have burned their nose first so that’s why you know I always kept.

 I always keep this stuff fair guys so that’s why Oda Papa in Germany was more popular it was a three to one decision for the girls three to one girls preferred order puffer / Oh de toilette then I went to New York City and I met some of my cute fantastic female subscribers and also the cool guys of course sadly I have no audio of that footage no audio footage of that subscribers meaning which is set but here the girls set all I’m very sure they said all at least three girls.

 I think I had four girls in this video at least three girls set the order puffer again is better so again another vote for the Oda Papa and in the last video the last country I visited I was in Italy and here I have audio and video where I asked a group of four girls and here is what this girl said which one they preferred most put a puffer or water toilet let’s see yeah you’re absolutely be honest right hand more okay so we just have a winner between the two okay guys.

 so this is the first one okay next one is coming take your time take your time give it some time they are both similar right similary I okay so you will see in a second so does all of you have an opinion which one is better or you still need time don’t say it we make it on three you got it you too okay guys so one two three which one is the winner right right right left okay girl you’re older parfum all right order she likes them Oh de Toilette more so you got it guys the latest reactions clear clear clear clear clear win for the order tough car.

 so it’s two to one what about compliments and here is where I gotta tell you order toilet destroys the order tougher but not because this thing is worse in terms of compliments I am 99.9% sure that people have simply adjusted to this the or siwash fragrance DNA in the past three years it’s always the case when I wore Aventis the first times people were like oh my god what is that nowadays this send DNA of Aventis is pretty popular this send DNA of Sauvage is pretty popular.

 if I smell a girl that wears la vie a bell it’s so cool Chanel smells like la vía Belle I think that I don’t even I don’t always compliment these girls because it’s nothing new I know uh smells cool la vía Belle nice scent DNA but when these this DNA came freshly out it was blasting through everything I had the most compliments in one night ever in my life and I’m sure if this came out first and this came second sometimes it’s the case or the Puffin comes out first this comes second this would be a better compliment getter than this I truly believe that the fact is this scent DNA is spread so strong that people are not surprised by it anymore still I’m gonna give it to or the toilet and so we have two to two and the last vote goes to the category of versatility and versatility in my java or the performer review I gave it to the Eau de Toilette but when I read ink about it okay yes this is fresher that says more going on

 this is has a clear start a clear middle a clear ending it’s not so simple and fully packed and fully loaded like this one yeah this is better in terms of versatility because it’s strong enough for the winter and it’s transparent enough for the summer but nowadays I say this is this also is fresh enough barely for the summer daytime you could pull it off and it is better for the winter because it is stronger it has a more peppery vibe and also more sweet with the sweetness which helps you fantastically in the wintery time so in the end it’s a three to three and should I decide it guys who’s the champion three to three

 I would say or the puffs owns the bed of fragrance so let’s give it a four to three but in general I gotta tell you the fragrance DNA of diosa wash is enough let’s make 2018 the end of your siwash in my eyes it’s time to have something new it’s like a song of Justin Bieber of Michael Jackson whatever sure if you smell this ten years from now if you haven’t smelled it like oh man that song Wonderwall or aces now a nice one but if you hear it every day for three years every day you know what I mean you don’t like it so this is it let’s see what the year 2018 will bring in terms of new fragrance releases love you everybody see you next time on another video peace oh yeah in the end I want to say how does how do these fragrances actually smell.

 I want to mention that everybody knows it but here let’s let’s let’s quickly quickly explain how this phrase actually smells so yo so wash o de Toilette is bergamot which is fruity fresh and Broxson which is transparent fresh woody and peppery which is peppery which gives it a masculinity and depth and some power okay this one a little less fruity much more peppery and even nutmeg at it I have essential oil of nutmeg I like it a lot I also like the fruit it’s not so super prominent that you smell like spaghetti bolognese or cut off a purely wave throw and nutmeg inside no but it is a bit sweeter and so it’s better for the wintertime just have to know that guys all right so plain and simple more spicy slightly more sweet less fruity less fresh but still fresh enough for summer love you peace.

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