Difference Between Hunger and Appetite

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Difference Between Hunger and Appetite

Hunger and appetite are major differences but people don’t know the exact meaning so in that post we see the difference between hunger and appetite. 

Hungary have different meaning and the appetite has different meaning so let’s see one by one 


Hungar and appetite are two different things 

Hungar is a physiological need for food its means your body needs energy food is known as hunger.


Appetite is the emotional need that means you want the desire to eat any food is known as the appetite.

This is the common difference in hunger and appetite

Definition OF Hungar

Hungar is you need to energy for the body to do all activities.

When you need to hunger means your body wants energy.


For that energy, you need to eat some food such as chapati, bread, fruit, etc.

But make sure that this food is rich in the carbohydrate, proteins, fat, and nutrient


Because this is all need by your body for energy.

Definition of Appetite 

Appetite is the emotional desire to eat someone means the eat food or anything like.


If you see pizza then you want to eat the food or any pizza or anywhere you see the ice cream you want to eat the icecream is now as the Appetite 

Difference Between Hungar and Appetite 

See this table gives complete information on hunger and appetite




Hunger is in the body


Appetite is an emotional desire

Hungar is like a fuel


Appetite is having fun

Hunger is your body need


Appetite is your emotional need

You hungry then you eat any food


But in Appetite you need only specific food means your favorite food

When your hungry you want food for your body

When you see the any favorite food you want this

Most people ask me the question that is is it okay to eat food when appetite so the answer is given below 

Is it Okay to Eat for Appetite?

Yes if you want to eat the food or your desire is to eat the food then you eat no problem.


But remember only one thing is that any food you eat over then its harmful so you won’t eat food then eat obliviously don’t any problem.


The only thing is to eat limited and according to your body.


The next question is asked by people is to me told me the  Factors That Influence Hunger

Factors That Influence Hunger

When your hunger then several factors are affecting your body.

Suddenly your blood pressure is up or in case your blood pressure is the drop also.


Your lifestyle is also affecting you how then see what food you eat, your exercise it all affect hunger.

Some medications also affect appetite.

So be careful and eat when you need only 


The difference between hunger and appetite and which factor affects this complete information I told in this blog.

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