Rainy weather fragrance

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hi guys HealthTech fragrance here top five rainy weather fragrances so we’re gonna start off with.

the first one this is called intense cafe by montal and this is the ristretto version and the cool thing is if it’s raining you want to get into a starbucks you want to get home drink a hot coffee drink a nice cozy chai latte if it’s raining it’s rather uncomfortable and you want to get home and drink a nice coffee so this fragrance will not only work because it nicely gives a nice aura of warmth in this uncozy atmosphere it also is much better than a fresh citrus fragrance or some type of other fragrance like a playboy bubblegum fragrance it just doesn’t fit the rain if you want to smell great in the rain you have to think okay what actually smells good in the rain i think earthy notes smell good something in the earthy side musky vibe and also gourmandish vibe that makes you want to get home to the safe place 
so that’s my number five spot number four spot for the guys dylan blue i just said it earthy earthy earthy so this is patchouli this is a nice patchouli that keeps you grounded and connects you with nature right now it’s raining i feel more connected with nature than if it’s not raining very weird analysis but let me just say i think this fragrance is great for the rainy day for a guy another one that is fantastic rather unknown this is called waking.
 in the woods of scandinavia by aqua colonia and this is by the famous german perfumer geezer and giza make molecule 01 and he also made this one generally the 4711 line does not perform good but this one performs fantastic it is unique and it’s great for the for this type of weather you must check this out wake you know what i’m going to apply this as my fragrance of the day  it really makes me want to run through a forest this is really good one try this one guys waking in.
the woods aqua di colonia and this is my the guy giza another fragrance a musk fragrance this is an example.
 this is kayali but you can take other musk fragrances too you don’t have to take this one you can also take a molecule fragrance like a molecule or a musk fragrance something transparent because you got to know in the rainy day you’re not talking too much with other people you’re just running around you want to get stuff done you want to get to work you want to be home so it’s the most unappropriate and uninteresting time to wear a fragrance in the rain it washes away a little bit of the fragrance you’re not social because it’s raining and if you’re running around in the rain in the forest you’re alone anyways i mean the idea is okay why not a musk fragrance so try out musk it can be this one or a molecule fragrance and the last one i saw it on my shelf yeah it’s fine but it’s it’s it’s not a must but here it is wood wood and by the way not doing them now on the number one or number three but it because it’s so subjective what’s the best for a rainy weather but woodwood would be great too it’s a nice woody fragrance but not your sexy spicy woody it’s more of a calm down-to-earth woody fragrance very nice one so woodwood would be another choice.

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