[Easy way]How To French Braid Your Own Hair At Home

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How to French braid your own hair is very simple, but you need to know each step and how to do it.

French Braid is like it because the french braid style is most popular, and people like to make this type of french braid. how to french braid your own hair is a step-by-step procedure is given below. You need only to follow the steps

How to French Braid Your Own Hair At Home

Step 1. Dry Hair Properly

If you want to braid hair properly, you need to dry the hair properly.

Clean and dry hair is most important to make the french braid.

Step 2. Separate Your Hair

It depends on you. You want double braid or single.

If you want a single, then make a single braid. If you want to double braid, then do a double braid.

To make a braid, you need to separate the hair and make a partition.

Step 3. Separate into 3 equal pieces

Make the three equal pieces by using your finger to make the 3 equal spaces and start to make the braid.

How to french braid your own hair

Step 4. Start with a normal braid

Start with the small hair and make the side by side.

start with the first Start side and after that move to the second site.

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Step 5. Add Hair from Each side and cross to over the middle

The difference because of normal braiding and french braiding is that it is every time you cross your hair sections.

After you’ve got your start with your regular braid, please continue to hold all three pieces, but grab a small section from the front of your hair to add to the right piece, then cross it over the middle. Then, grab a small section of hair towards the back of your head to add the left side and cross it over the center. Pull tightly as you go to eliminate any bumps.

Step 6. Keep doing down the head

keep doing the braid when you reach the nape of your hair.

Do continuously whenever you reach the end of hair nape.

How to french braid your own hair

Step 7. Tie-Off

When you reach the end of the nape of your hair, then tie off with rubber and start with another side.

Now you can see the best and good braid of hair.

How to french braid your own hair

Wrap Up

Make French Braid at your home is all step by step is given in this article you can follow and make the french braid at your home very easily by using this step.

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