Albert Einstein On Life Hacks For Healthy Lifestyle

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Five health and wellness hacks that will completely change the game I told you the Albert Einstein On Life Hacks For Healthy Lifestyle.   okay guys today’s topic is about health and wellness hacks and I’ve got five different ones that are really really helpful and they’re very broad so we have some really specific like food ones to target workouts and some overall ways of thinking because wellness in general encompasses. 

so much and I think that we’re learning now that it’s not just about taking supplements and eating healthy it’s your mental health it’s your state of mind it’s your energy it is also what you’re eating there’s just a lot of different things it encompasses so I wanted to help you guys incorporate five things that don’t cost any money and that will really help,

Albert Einstein On Life Hacks For Healthy Lifestyle


1. let’s get into the first one let’s talk workouts so when you’re at the gym and let’s say you’re like I’ve got to work out for 45 minutes or you want to do cardio for 30 minutes or you have a set that you want to you know anything that you want to time instead of focusing so much on the clock and thinking about like what time you need to work out until try doing this to a playlist so if you focus on a playlist that you have to get through you can make a specific playlist with the exact time that you want let’s say you want to do abs for 15 minutes you’re going to make an ab playlist helps you really like get into the workout and not be so focused on the clock not only is this more enjoyable but it’s also going to be songs that you like so you’re going to be excited to like get through them and get to the next one.


2. when you’re not so focused on the clock like how many more minutes how much longer do I have you’re going to be way more into your workout and the mind-body connection is so real I mean there’s so much research on this I honestly even encourage you guys to look into it and read about it yourself there are so many trainers that will tell you like when you’re doing curls picture your arm muscles when you’re doing squats picture your glutes think about legs think about your butt when you’re thinking about those things while you’re doing it and you’re very focused you’re gonna get much better results there’s actually one really interesting study that explains this where there are two groups of people that all had arm casts and then, one group of them, had them think about their arm muscles like as if they were contracting as if they were working out and constantly focusing on it with that mind-body connection and then the other group they didn’t have them do anything and at the end of the study when they removed the cast the group that would you know had that like connection and was thinking about their arm muscles and thinking about contracting and really just going with it had more muscle mass so it’s really cool to actually realize how important your mind-body connection is and I just think a playlist can be a really fun way to incorporate that


3. the next one is a little restaurant food hack so I know for a lot of people it’s easy to eat healthily at home when you’re on your routine but of course that’s not regular life like you want to go out to dinners with friends you want to be social so one little the thing you can do is if you’re at dinner with a group of people whether it’s family or friends be the first person to order because if you ever notice it’s really easy to be influenced by other people’s orders like I’m I completely admit that even when I go out to eat I always want everyone else to order first because I’m like maybe they’ll say something that sounds good that I didn’t think of but if you say it first you almost set the tone for the whole table so let’s say you order like this beautiful salad and vegetables then someone else next is going to be like well I’m not going to order like cheese fries, not that it’s a guilt thing but it’s almost just setting the tone so if you start and you do that it’s going to be a lot easier to order your healthy food versus if you heard every one of the table order burgers fries steaks like unhealthy food it’s going to just make it harder for you so take charge and be the first to order.


4. this next tip is about muscle growth and recovery so the next time you’re going to be doing any kind of weight training or strength training I want you to try to have a specific drink before and a specific drink after so before your workout try having a cold-pressed watermelon juice which you can literally do by taking a fresh watermelon and put it in a blender you don’t need to add sugar you don’t even really need to add water depending on what kind of blender you have if you have enough of a high-speed blender you might need to add a little after your workout you’re going to have a tart cherry juice and I’m going to explain why so watermelon and watermelon juice is basically a vasodilator which means it expands your blood vessels it stimulates nitric oxide in your body which helps increase blood flow and increase oxygen so when you have increased blood flow you’re going to have an increase of oxygenated blood that goes to your muscles which is great before a workout and this is really going to help increase the performance of your workout now after your workout when you have tart cherry juice there’s a lot of research that shows that it has anti-inflammatory benefits this is going to be really great for muscle recovery so not only are you going to have that increased performance before your workout but you can also, prevent soreness after your workout another cool thing about tart cherry juice obviously there are a few natural sugars because of the cherries this is going to stimulate a little bit of insulin release which is actually good before you have protein and it can help you absorb protein more so let’s say you’re used to having like your protein shake right after your meal or you know even if it’s a high protein meal had that little bit of tart cherry juice before and this is a really cool way to kind of bio-hack your body.


5. this next tip is about digestion so if you notice that you get a lot of acid reflux or indigestion or really any kind of digestive issues try to pay attention to whether you wear a lot of tight clothing especially in your gut area and especially while you’re eating so this is something that I feel like I never even used to pay attention to and you don’t think about but when you have really compressed tight clothing like yoga pants or even if you’re wearing any kind of compression underwear like Spanx or whatever you’ve got going on a tight dress tight jeans, it’s kind of smooshing your internal organs and it’s making your gi track not function as well as it should do if you notice this is an issue try changing into a looser clothing at least when you eat maybe when you get home before you make dinner change out of your pants I know I used to kind of go for my workout my yoga pants right to dinner and not take them off and this can really impact your digestion so if this is something that’s bothering you I think it’s something worth looking into and lastly to close out this article overall when it comes to wellness try to get rid of labels i think that we are so used to being stuck on like what’s your diet type are you low fodmap are you keto are you paleo are you vegan vegetarian like a pescetarian there’s so many labels and we’re human beings and we don’t need to fall into any specific label and having that pressure on you you’d be surprised like what it can do to your body like let’s say you announce yourself paleo you tell your friends even yourself like your paleo and one day you want to have a grain-like you’re human it’s okay and that guilt that you’re going to feel and that pressure of like wait I’m off my diet just be you like I eat the mona diet and this is how I like to eat like mostly plant-based once in a while I have fish-like


whatever it is that you want to do just have it be what you do and don’t worry about the pressure of what other people think I also think that not labeling yourself as something takes the pressure off when you’re around your friends like you know when you let’s say you say I’m giving up french fries forever I love using french fries it’s my favorite food but if I announce this to everyone and then I really want one but I’m around all my friends and family who I said I wasn’t gonna eat it it’s like you feel ashamed so just don’t put that pressure on yourself do what works for you if a paleo diet works really great for you but you also notice that when you eat quinoa you react very well and you don’t bloat you feel great then you can be paleo they eat quinoa that’s your diet.


so I would encourage everyone to just you know take a step back do what works for you and not be influenced by anyone else or any kind of label so those are my five health and wellness tips if you guys like this I can do more videos like this where they’re just really quick and easy I share a lot of fast tips like this on my tick-tock I don’t know if you guys have checked that out but they’re really fast like 30 second videos 20-second videos where it’s just like one quick tip so if you like digesting content in that way you can check that out and if you have any good like little wellness hacks I would love to know please share them in the comments and we can all read through and get ideas from each other so I hope this was helpful please leave any questions in the comments and I’ll see you next time.


it is great to you now you know the one of the famous personality Lifehacks of Albert Einstein 

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