Mathi Fish in Telugu

In English the species is called a Saridon fish, Mathi Fish in English in Tamil it’s called a mother means Bhilai soda  

About Mathi Fish in English

The name Mathi fish, there is the meaning it means very popular and favorite fish in Kerala it’s considered a staple piece of Kerala they are very small Small pocket friendly its features are also available in Andhra Pradesh Tamil Nadu Karnataka in Kerala is also known as as several times called as a mathi fish 

Health benefits of Vitamin A

Health benefits of Vitamin B12

Health benefits of Vitamin B6

Health benefits of fatty acid Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for the accumulation of cholesterol in our blood if we eat Mathi fish then we can prevent heart-related diseases and get the Omega 3 fatty acids in very rich in amount and it’s also very beneficial for Alzheimer’s and dementia

Health benefits of fiber

Health benefits of potash Petitioners help in regulating body Fluids and prevent heart-related diseases so if we eat the Amity fees then it’s very useful in the potash