Squid fish in Marathi

So, first of all, we talked about the squid fish with no backbone the largest of these fishes can grow up to 18 m and a where turn field containing Tons and squid fish  and especially uses in distant tackles to catch other organisms as food 95% of all living things on the land are in vertebrates 

Taste of the squid fish

Now we see the information about this squid fish Squid fish in different forms can be featured in eat by fried and other dishes from the staple in the Indian coastal regions which is known as the kanava Kadamba

Health Benefits of squid fish 

Squid fish is help in the low calorie Do you know that squid is an excellent choice for people who are looking for their protein intake and compromising their cal find period according to the dietician and researchers hundred-gram serving of speed fish has only $75 cal and 250 calories but those who have lower batter fried calamari India eating a lot of calories as the calorific value could increase due to the fried?

Squid fish is a good source of protein Squid fish is a very good source of protein almost hundred grams of a portion of Squid fish have you give the 3 gram of protein according to researcher

Squid fish is helpful for Cholesterol so if you are looking for a good cholesterol level Squid fish is the best source if you are looking for the release of cholesterol then Squid fish is very important to you